Welcome to the Julie Williamson Mysteries

Julie Williamson is back. The puzzle-loving director of an historical society in a small town in the mountains of Maine, she first appeared in Stealing History in 2006 and made a return visit in Breaking Ground in 2011. In 2017 in Mapping Murder she resumes her detective work, this time traveling around the state of Maine to investigate thefts at historical societies—and the murder of a fellow director. All three mysteries are published by Islandport Press, an independent publisher located in Maine and specializing in books about the state.

Over the years, I have come to love historical societies. They are wonderful, quirky places inhabited by colorful characters with a passion for local history. So setting my mystery in a historical society seemed a natural. It’s also the perfect locale for Julie, an intelligent young woman “from away” who is eager to make her mark as a professional– and also loves solving problems..

I hope you enjoy Julie’s adventures in solving mysteries in a small Maine town, and I welcome comments and suggestions.

Happy reading!

—William D. Andrews