Stealing History

Just a few days into her new job as executive director of a busy historical society and museum nestled in the mountains of quaint Ryland, Maine, flatlander Julie Williams discovers all is not as it should be. Her dream job begins to look more like a nightmare. Julie expected to find an eccentric board of trustees, a cool reception from the assistant director who had wanted her job, and a necessary adjustment to small-time life. She found all that. But what she hadn’t expected was that some of the museum’s most valuable artifacts, including a letter from Abraham Lincoln, would quickly turn up missing. And when a murder hits especially close to home for Julie, she becomes embroiled in an ever-widening and complex mystery.

Stealing History will enthrall readers who love to curl up with a good mystery, especially one that weaves details of small-town life, colorful characters, and history into a suspenseful tale that keeps them guessing until the last page.

Stealing History FAQ

What reviewers say:

“. . . well-crafted mystery, with believable characters, colorful narrative, and just the right amount of suspense and misdirection.”
–Kennebec Journal

“Stealing History is a classic whodunit that kept me guessing until the very end.”
–Lewiston Sun Journal

“It’s a darn good story that’s told in a straightforward narrative with lively characters that I wouldn’t mind seeing in a series.”
–Gumshoe Review